A Five Generation Family Farm

We are a fifth generation family farm located in Fowler, Michigan. My Great Great Grandfather, Lawrence Frechen, settled in nearby Westphalia on 40 acres in the late nineteenth century. Upon an offer to trade that 40 for 100 acres, Lawrence moved to the Fowler area and settled there. The farmstead went to John & Mary Frechen, who accumulated another 120 acres across the road that my grandfather, Roy Frechen (above right) bought in the mid twentieth century. My great-uncle, Lawrence Frechen, a WWII vet, maintained the original 100 acre farm until its sale in the late 20th century. My father, Bruce, (above left) currently owns the 120 acres first acquired by John. It is a now a Centennial Farm, with over 100 years of agricultural tradition and practice. Today, Red Timber Ranch is continuing the agrarian journey started over 100 years ago, and looks to the past and future to find a balance of old-style animal husbandry that utilizes technology in a prudent, respectful way.

Agriculture … this first & most precious of all the arts – Thomas Jefferson