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Eat Healthy Eat Local Festival

We were fortunate enough to be a part of the Eat Healthy Eat Local Festival in St. Johns this weekend! It was alot of fun meeting new customers and selling some of our fresh, never frozen bacon, and other USDA certified cuts of pork that we just got back from the processor.

Out on Pasture

We were finally able to start grazing this week! The cattle got out of the barn on Monday and went right to work as you can see. We will graze this pasture for 20 days, in daily rotations, before moving on to the next pasture. This year, we are working on a new program which … Continue reading Out on Pasture

Spring Greening!

With Spring right around the corner, Red Timber Ranch is gearing up for grazing season. We are planning to send the cattle back out to pasture on May 3, with exciting plans for an extended grazing season through mid-December with different techniques we have learned over this winter. We are hoping to harvest our first … Continue reading Spring Greening!

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