Natural Pork

We first got into pigs in fall of 2015, when my dad surprised us all with 12 hogs from the market. We hadn’t raised hogs on the farm in over 20 years. I went to work immediately trying to direct market the pork, and to my surprise, it sold out almost instantly. Raising pigs has become a passion, and we are still a work in progress. Each year we try to add a new aspect to our pig raising techniques to become more sustainable in the future. In the past, we have added fresh fruit to the diet by picking the fallen apples and pears off the ground around our mini-orchard. The pigs love it!

Our pigs are a mixed breed of Gloucester Old Spot and Duroc, from a breeder that practices some of the sustainable measures that we hope to mirror. These are heritage breed pigs, and the produce pork that is rich and well marbled, with a darker appearance than grocery store pork.

Our future includes a vision of pigs running happily through a semi-wooded pasture, something very closely related to their natural environment, where they will dine on a fine selection of acorns, hazelnuts, apples, and pears, along with a non-GMO corn supplement. While we have not yet reached this dream, every pork sale we achieve at Red Timber Ranch helps move us closer to this hog haven!

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