Buy in Bulk

Due to extremely high demand in recent weeks, we are unable to make further reservations for the Fall 2020 season. We will be exploring options to meet the increase in demand. In the meantime, reservations can be made for the Spring 2021 season. Reservations made for next season also secure the current price for your purchase.

Red Timber Ranch is pleased to offer a fine selection of Natural Pork for the fall of 2020. Our pork will be processed at a local butcher shop.

What does it cost? Our price for pork is $2.00 per pound based on hanging weight. Hanging weight is the weight of the animal after the first phase of the butchering process, but before the packaging is complete. The weight of the packaged meat is about 3/4 of the hanging weight. The average hanging weight is around 200 pounds, which gives a value of  around 150 pounds of cut and wrapped pork per animal.

Who is the butcher? Our pork is processed by two small processors in our area. The customer is responsible for all processing charges. For details on our processors, reach out to us.

How do I order? Please contact Red Timber Ranch to place your order!

pork cuts