Pasture Raised Beef

Beef is our passion. We have been raising beef cattle for generations on this farm. Through all the changes we have seen here, raising our own, high quality beef has maintained it’s place. Our cattle are raised on 100% grass through the growing phase, and finished on pasture with a small amount of an oat grain supplement to add the marbling and tenderness which provides a delicious eating experience. We prefer oat grain as a finishing grain to corn as it is more closely linked to the grass plants these animals eat in nature.

One of our grass fed steers roaming our highly nutritious perennial pasture.

Our all natural, hormone and antibiotic free, grass fed beef are raised on a clean grass pasture. We utilize Holistically Managed Grazing, moving the cattle every day to a new, fresh slice of pasture. This model assures a high quality product and high quality land for future animals. Our cattle are Hereford and Hereford-Angus cross cattle, and they come from a breeder that maintains a 100% grass fed cow herd.

This heifer is checking out our mineral feeder. We supplement the natural minerals cattle may be missing in their diet depending on the time of year and quality of pasture.

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