Grass Finished Beef

Beef is our passion. We have been raising beef cattle for generations on this farm. Our cattle are raised on 100% grass and hay, along with approved supplements by the American Grass-fed Association for their entire lives.

We have a small herd of American Aberdeen cattle, which are the original Angus cattle before being bred up in size with large beef animals. Our cow size averages about 900 lbs, compared to today’s larger Angus, which weigh about 1300 lbs. This smaller size increases efficiency and ability to finish on grass, which gives our customers a better product! You can learn more about American Aberdeen cattle by clicking here.

Smaller cattle that thrive on grass will naturally have smaller cuts, particularly steak. We see it as more of a healthy portion. One of our suggestions is to have the steaks cut thicker than normal. Thicker steaks are better for the grill, and will make up the difference if you are looking for a larger steak. Please consider cut size when making a reservation for our beef.

Our all natural, hormone and antibiotic free, grass fed beef are raised on a clean grass pasture. We utilize Holistically Managed Grazing, moving the cattle every day to a new, fresh slice of pasture. This model assures a high quality product and high quality land for future animals.

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