Cooking Tips & Tricks

Grass fed and finished steaks are different than their grain-fed counterparts. They have less water loss in the meat, so they cook much more quickly (up to 50% faster on the grill).

Our goal is to finish animals to Choice grade marbling, when this is done they will have superior taste and texture to grain finished beef. However, not all animals have the genetic ability to finish at that high grade on grass alone, so we are constantly improving our herd genetics over time to achieve that goal.

Choice beef can be grilled or fried on a skillet to most any recipe you can find. Once in a while an animal will have less fat and finish than we desire, and we have some ways to remedy that at the butcher and in the kitchen:

  • Select for thick cuts of premium steaks. T-Bones, Ribeyes, and Tenderloins. We recommend no less than 1″ thick on the steaks. Remember, our steaks are smaller than conventional beef because our cattle are smaller, and more able to finish on grass. Cutting thicker will result in a more desirable portion.
  • Use a slow cooker for lower end cuts. Slow cooking is extremely common in most of the world, but not as much here. Crock pots are a great option, so is cooking with indirect heat on a charcoal grill. This works for all cuts, roasts, steaks, etc…
  • If you do want to grill your premium steaks fast and hot over direct heat with lower grading cuts, we recommend marinades. The best way to marinade would be to simply coat the beef in olive oil and let it rest for one to two hours prior to cooking. Pat the beef dry and add seasonings just before throwing it on the grill. Vinegar precooks meat and can add toughness, so avoid using it in your marinades.
  • When grilling, use a hot side and a warm side. We use a charcoal grill, and simply push all the coals to one end. Sear the steak on each side for one minute, and them move them to the warm side for three to four minutes. Cook to medium rare, or an internal temperature of 145°F. Grass-fed meats cook extremely quickly, so be mindful of your steaks when grilling!