Pastured Poultry

Red Timber Ranch is pleased to offer our pastured poultry starting in the summer of 2021. We ran a trial run in the late summer of 2020, and decided it was worth a shot to offer it to our customers in a limited quantity.

Our pastured birds are Cornish Rock Cross, the most popular meat bird in America, but unlike typical dark, cramped, and unhealthy housing, our chickens are raised in mobile “chicken tractors” that allow them to forage thru the pastures at their leisure.

Above is our mobile “chicken tractor”, moved each day to allow the chickens access to fresh pasture daily

The price of our chickens in $5.29/lb based on the carcass weight. Birds are typically 4-5 pounds each. We will be sending batches in to Munsell’s Poultry Processing in June, September, and October.