Buy in Bulk

What does it Cost? Our price for the 2022 season is $3.89 per pound based on hanging weight. Hanging weight is the weight of the animal after the first phase of the butchering process, but before the packaging is complete. The weight of the packaged meat is about 65-75% of the hanging weight. The average hanging weight of a whole beef is around 460 pounds, which yields about 320 lbs of cut and wrapped beef. The price for a quarter cow is usually around $500, half beef is around $1,000, and a whole beef is around $2,000. Processing is paid separately to the butcher. After processing is figured in, the average price of a pound of packaged beef from Red Timber Ranch when bought in bulk is $6.65, for burger, steaks, roasts, etc.

How much do I need? We process beef once a year over the coarse of the fall, so this recommendation is based on getting you enough beef to last one calendar year. Our average hanging weight of 460 lbs that yields roughly 320 lbs of cut and wrapped meat can be sold by quarter, half, and whole. We recommend Quarters for singles and couples, Halves for small families (2-3 kids) and Whole Beeves for any family larger than that.

Who is the Butcher? Our beef is processed at Jones’ Farm Meats, a USDA inspected processing facility in our area. The customer is responsible for the processing charges. One advantage of bulk orders is the ability to customize every part of your order. See the chart below for details on cutting options. All bulk purchases are picked up by the customer at the Processing Facility.

How do I order? To provide a non-refundable deposit for your order, please use the PayPal application on the right hand column of this page (below on mobile), or contact us for different payment options.

What do I do when my beef goes to the butcher? Click here to be directed to our Processors’ website, Jones’ Farm Meats. There you can select the beef cutting link and provide your instructions to the butcher. Alternatively, you can call them at (616) 642-9212.

How should I have my beef cut?

Steaks – With smaller cattle, we will have smaller cuts than conventional beef. That being said, fullblood American Aberdeen cattle have the largest ribeye size as a percentage of carcass weight of any breed of cattle. We generally recommend 1″ thick cut steaks at a minimum, which both slightly off sets the smaller size, but also makes for a more appetizing steak, particularly when grilling. Most butcher’s standard cuts are 3/4″, but the extra thickness makes the steak juicier and easier to cook. We have had both bone-in and boneless, steaks, and both have their advantages, but boneless steaks are more versatile. Also, according to USDA rule, animals over 30-month old are required to have boneless cuts. This is not typical for our beef, but we do have some that go over that age.

Roasts – We recommend 2 lb roasts for couples and smaller families, and 3-4 lb roasts for larger families or those who often have guests. We recommend getting the chuck roast at a minimum, but the sirloin tip and rump roast are also great.

Other – 1 lb or 1-1/2 lb packages of burger is typical. We recommend bulk burger packages instead of patties, because bulk is more versatile. We recommend customers request the brisket and the ribs as well.