Pork Bundles

Our fine selection of pork bundles are available just in time for grilling season!

  • Sampler Bundle: This package give you a chance to try it all! Fire up the grill for some pork chops and your two selections of brats from four different flavors (original, cheddar, smoked, & beer). Then in the morning, wake up to our amazing bacon and sausage on the griddle. This package includes one package of two chops, one package of bacon, two pounds of sausage, and two pounds of your choice of brat. $40.00 – Out of Stock
  • Brat Bundle: Try all of our brat flavors (original, cheddar, smoked, & beer)! This package comes with one package (four brats) of each of the above choices. $20.00
  • Five Pound Sausage Bundle: Our pork is especially known for it’s sausage quality. Try this package with five pounds of our farm fresh sausage. $25.00
  • Ten Pound Sausage Bundle: A ten pound bundle of our farm fresh sausage, discounted even further. $45.00
  • Brat & Sausage Bundle: For a great day of Red Timber Ranch pork, wake up to our fresh sausage, and throw your choice of two packages of our brats on the grill later in the day. The package comes with three pounds of sausage and two packages of your choice of brats. $25.00