Spring Greening!

With Spring right around the corner, Red Timber Ranch is gearing up for grazing season. We are planning to send the cattle back out to pasture on May 3, with exciting plans for an extended grazing season through mid-December with different techniques we have learned over this winter. We are hoping to harvest our first group of Grass Finished beef by August, fresh off pasture and available by bulk or the cut. See out Grass Fed Beef section of our website for details.

Also on pasture this spring, we will be adding egg laying hens and broiler (meat) chickens. Putting the birds out on pasture makes their final product healthier for you, it helps the animals and gives them a better life outside, and it adds a new diverse species to our pasture which will help pasture production. We are accomplishing this by building shelters specially equipped for pastured birds, both layers and broilers. Pictures will be up as soon as we finish building. Chicken eggs and meat will be made available for purchase once we get going with the product.

Finally we will be once again raising some pigs over the summer – in limited quantities. Unfortunately, we are not yet able to get pigs out on pasture with our set-up, but the current goals is to begin a pig silvo-pasture by spring 2020. This silvo-pasture will be a grass based pasture with many diverse trees for the pigs to harvest the fruit and seeds of. We are planning to include apple trees, pear trees, chestnut trees, and many others.

We are looking forward to this grazing season, and we hope to produce a variety of high-quality products for your family.

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