Out on Pasture

We were finally able to start grazing this week! The cattle got out of the barn on Monday and went right to work as you can see. We will graze this pasture for 20 days, in daily rotations, before moving on to the next pasture.

This year, we are working on a new program which features the use of warm season and cool season annual forage crops to complement our perennial pasture. Soon we will be planting a field to a forage mix of Sorghum-Sudangrass and Pearl Millet, which will be grazed in August, when the perennial pastures are dormant because of heat. Once grazed, that same field will be planted directly into a cool season annual mix of oats and turnips. We will graze that in November and December again when our perennial pastures are dormant due to the cold. We are hoping that working with these annual forages provides longer grazing seasons, which means longer growing seasons, which means a higher quality product for you!

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